Wargaming Bloggers Unite

Bloggers Unite!

Are you a wargaming blogger? Would you like to chat to us about a possible collaboration? We’d love to hear from you if you think we might be able to combine to make one per powerful wargaming team.

wargaming bloggers unite

Things We Can Offer
If you review our website we can offer you a Battle Mat or any Start Collecting Kit. WE want you to be honest of course. We have full confidence in our website and it’s easy to use navigation but it’s always nice other others confirm it.

We strive to keep our prices 20-25% below the RRP at all times. This does mean that our margins are low therefore we don’t offer new customer discounts as we believe we are cheaper than most other similar wargaming sites out there.

If you regularly post out tutorials on Facebook and Youtube and are interested in collaborating with us on some projects then we’d also love to hear from you. We may be be able to accommodate every tutorial but if we feel it benefits all concerned then we will try our best to help.

Linking To Us
If you own a directory site or a specific Wargaming blog or news site and would like to link to us in exchange for a start collecting kit or a battlement then please do get in touch. We’d just like a short line of text too ‘Wargaming Online’ or ‘Warhammer 40K’ you get the sort of thing.

Get A Mention
We get a lot of traffic to our website. If you’d like us to mention your blog in a related post then please do get in touch. We’re always happy to help fellow wargamers!