Bolt Action Painting Competition


You know that box of British infantry that has been sitting on your shelve? Or that half assembled IS-2 tank you keep telling “one day, one day!” How about a challenge?

I give you until Thursday the 30th of April to paint up an HQ choice, an infantry unit and a vehicle. We then post pictures of the entries on the Triple Helix Wargames Facebook and Instagram pages. The winner will be decided by the picture with the most combined likes (and other emojis) after one week.

Yes you can submit miniatures that you finished weeks ago. Where is the fun in that? This is your chance to paint up that small band of US soldiers you always wanted to and kept delaying or finally finish that tank in pink desert camouflage (no really, look it up).

What do you say? Up for the challenge!?!

– Entries must be submitted by the end of Thursday the 30th of April 2020;
– To submit the entry you must email a maximum of three (3) pictures to (subject: Bolt Action Painting Competition);
– The entry must consist of one HQ choice (1-3 miniatures), an infantry unit (5-10 miniatures) and a vehicle (any model with a damage value of 6+);
– All miniatures must be official Warlord Games Bolt Action miniatures. Note that conversions are allowed, as long as the main part of the miniature is an official Bolt Action figure;
On Friday the 1st of May all the entries will be posted on the Triple Helix Wargames Facebook and Instagram pages. The pictures with the most likes, thumbs up, hearts, etc, after one week, will be announced as the winner (so a thumbs down for the competition will actually count as a vote);
– The winner will receive an “Oddball” Kelly’s Heroes T-shirt with some extra goodies and the runner-up will receive a T-shirt;
– Prizes will be shipped out once social distancing and movement restrictions have been lifted and only after correspondence with the winner;
– No cash alternative is available as substitution for the prizes;
– This competition is open to any hobbyist and including employees of Triple Helix Wargames and Warlord Games.

Have fun and good luck . . .


Packing Assistant Needed

2020packingWe are looking for a Packing Assistant to join the team at triple Helix Wargames

Fulltime Monday to Friday 9am-5pm. 1 hour lunch break. 28 Days holiday annually.

Annual Salary – National Living Wage for over 25’s – £16,009.50, National Minimum Wage for under 25’s – £15,015.00. Plus pension.

Main Purpose of Job
This post will be responsible for packing and dispatching the products from our eBay and web business.

Key tasks/duties
There are 2 sides to our business, eBay and website. Our eBay stock is all second hand and so requires delicate but nimble fingers and our web stock is all boxed new product and so requires less delicacy but a greater amount of accuracy and speed.

The key responsibilities of this role include:
• Picking product ready for dispatching.
• Packaging the product.
• Applying the correct postage labels.

Personal Attributes
The vast majority of this role is packing the product which varies considerably between second hand and web stock and the ideal candidate will either have some experience in a packing and dispatching environment or be able to demonstrate a high degree of fast, but gentle packing technique.

This role is very task and target driven and so the potential employee must be able to work efficiently and diligently to achieve their targets in a high pressure environment. The role involves being on your feet all day, so must be physically capable.

Applications to be sent FAO Charlotte Judson via email to Applications should include a letter explaining why you feel this is the post for you and an up to date CV.


Triple Helix Wargames Gaming Centre


Over the last two years we have been slowly increasing the gaming area of our Westbury shop (Unit 10, The Brunel Centre, Cory Way, Westbury). Now, as we prepare for our ten-year anniversary in May, it feels like the word “shop” doesn’t do the location justice anymore.


We have been hard at work to prepare everything. We have removed shelving units and desks; added in more gaming tables; and increased the selection of wargaming scenery for those tables. When you walk through the door the transformation is amazing! (I would say it is like a TARDIS, but apparently that name is taken already)

From the 1st of February 2020 Triple Helix Wargames will be home to five gaming tables, with the capacity to increase this to ten tables on tournament and campaign weekends. The Gaming Centre will be open every Saturday and Sunday for open gaming, tournaments, leagues and special events. Our App*, Facebook, Instagram and website pages will all give regular updates about upcoming games.



Monday 1pm – 5pm
Tuesday 1pm – 5pm
Wednesday CLOSED
Thursday 1pm – 5pm
Friday 1pm – 5pm
Saturday 10am – 4pm**
Sunday 10am – 4pm**


* You can download the Triple Helix Wargames App from the Google Play and Apple App stores for free. The app not only contains information on the latest releases but also a calendar, in game points tracker and links to hobby blogs and articles.

** On tournament and campaign weekends the shop will open at 9am until 6pm. Please note that on these days it will be very busy, so we advise that you plan your purchases accordingly.

Reasons You Need Our Mobile App

You can download the Triple Helix Wargames App from the Google Play and Apple App stores. The free app offers weekly updated information about new releases for all the games and products we sell on our website and in our shop.

That, however, is not all . . .

The Triple Helix Wargames App also lists all the upcoming events and tournaments for our Westbury (wiltshire) shop with details and ticket options.

There are regularly updated hobby articles and blogs ranging from miniature building and painting to playing the various games and lots of things in between.

Our Victory Tracker and digital score-pad allows you and your friends to keep track of in-game statistics, including Round Counter, Victory Points, Command Points, Blood Tithe, Life Points, Fate Points and many more.

The Triple Helix Wargames App is available for Android and Apple devices and can be downloaded for free from the Google Play and Apple App stores.


Two Years Of Gaming Sundays

Can you believe that our team of enthusiastic hobbyists has been organizing Sunday events for two years now? It all started in May of 2016 with humble beginnings, three tables and a handful of eager players ready for a few games of Warhammer 40,000. For the first eighteen months the Gaming Sunday took place on the last Sunday of the month and in January of this year we shook things up by moving to the first Sunday. Since that day in May ’16 we have had a total of 29 fun filled days of gaming (we added in an extra day during the summer and Christmas holidays of 2016 and one for the Worldwide Warhammer 40,000 campaign).


While Warhammer 40,000 has always been the most popular game, there have been many varied games played. People have played games of Age of Sigmar, Blood Bowl, X-Wing, Bolt Action, Shadespire, Kill Team, Konflikt ’47, Star Wars Legion and Warhammer Quest. That last one was especially fun, with two teams of 4 players each trying to be the first to make their way to the final room. Most Gaming Sundays have been free for all to decide what games to play, with a few exceptions. There was the Warhammer Quest day mentioned above and we have held a Kill Team day. We also actively took part in the latest Warhammer 40,000 worldwide campaign with games played being recorded on the campaign website.

As stated earlier, the first session we only had three tables. This number has grown over the months and we can now cater for up to 16 players with enough scenery to fill eight tables. Even that has not been enough on a few occasions. The other thing that has been a problem is not knowing what games people want to play on each day. This has unfortunately caused people to not always be able to get a game or just one after a long wait for table space. Some days we have had over 20 people with a lot of standing round because there are not enough tables and other days we only had six people with armies for different games and long waits because there are not enough opponents. These have all been things we are keen to improve on and we have a plan.


We have been experimenting with various lay-outs for the room to try and get as many tables in as possible and learned valuable lessons with each Gaming Sunday. We will be taking a break during the summer months to improve the tables and will come back towards the end of the year with a new format for the Gaming Sunday that we think will be very exciting for everybody attending.

For 2019 we have moved our games to the last Saturday of every month. This means that the shop will be open the entire day and it also makes it easier for people to travel by bus and train. We look forward to seeing everybody on the last Saturday of every month.

You Are Invited To attend Court

Written by Liam Gregg

Sigmar 2.0 is on its way and that means it’s the perfect time to go back and revisit an army that never made it to the table. Flesh-Eater Courts have a great back story and more importantly the Terrorgheist! So using the Start Collecting box I built up a core force and added from there.


Ghouls can grab and hold objectives, while the Terrorgheist with an escort of Crypt Flayers can swoop down and take the fight to the enemy. As magic will be important with endless spells and new spells, my Infernal Courtier has the command trait Dark Wizardry so I converted a Ghoul king to represent my Generals upgraded abilities.

With the new edition bringing in more focus on the realms I decided for to base them to match one of Shyish’s deserts. To further this theme I decided to have my units look like they have been lying in ambush for prey. While increasing unit sizes and adding more courtiers for expansion is my current plan let’s see where the new edition takes us.

Age of Sigmar – Soul Wars


By Floris Hussaarts

If you are reading this then, like me, you will be excited about the new edition of Warhammer Age of Sigmar that will be released on the 30th of June. The temptation to start a new army will be big (and who can blame you?), I am thinking about building an army centered around the Stormcast Eternals that come inside the new core game. However I don’t want to have to put painting miniatures on hold while I wait for the game to be released. So what to do? A small 1000 point army obviously. By doing this I will something to do until launch weekend and I will have an army ready to play some games with the new rules before I have build and painted all those gorgeous looking new Stormcast Eternals.

In the past I have had a number of Age of Sigmar armies and when choosing a new force to collect I try to avoid repeating myself (I have had a Stormcast Eternals army in the past but, as they say, exceptions make the rule). The Seraphon are an army that I have always liked the look of, ever since they first appeared in the Warhammer Fantasy Battles coregame set where they faced off against the Bretonians. However I never painted any of the miniatures and actually only remember playing against them on a few occasions.

So decision made, a 1000 point Seraphon army it shall be. The new General’s Handbook 2018 will probably change some of the points values so by staying just below the maximum points I’ve set I’m hoping to still have a legal force after the launch of the new edition (not long now until I find out).  My final list contains the following heroes and units:
– Skink Starseer;
– Skink Priest;
– Skink unit (10 models);
– Skink unit (10 models);
– Troglodon;
– Bastiladon;
– Ripperdactyl Riders (3 models).

As you will have noticed, it is a Skink army with not a single Saurus Warrior to be found.


The above image shows my progress after my first few evenings of painting and I have already started building and painting the remaining miniatures, that I aim to have ready in time for the Soul Wars launch weekend.

I’m not much of a painter (building/converting and playing the games are my hobby), problem is that I don’t like playing games with unpainted or proxy models so over the years I have developed a painting style that I am happy with and gets models onto the table in no time. I always start by using a spray to base coat the models in a colour that will be the core colour used to tie the army together. In this case Army Painter Uniform Grey. This is followed by adding details with basic light colours. For the seraphon I used Citadel Ceramite White for the scales, with Deathclaw Brown and Gehenna’s Gold for the weapons and armour. Many of the models have feathers for decoration and these got a coat of Calgar Blue. Once this was done I used the Army Painter Dip and literally dunked the models in it. Individually and under close scrutiny my miniatures leave much to be desired. On a battlefield and grouped together in units they serve their purpose and look the part.

Should I like the army enough then I will put the Stormcast Eternals on hold for a little while longer and concentrate on the Seraphon. A second Troglodon in a different pose sounds like a challenge I’m up for. If that becomes a reality I will be covering the conversion work in a future blog post.

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