Building A City Worth Fighting Over (Part One)


26th of January 2019
By: Floris Hussaarts


When Games Workshop released the latest edition of Warhammer 40,000 in 2017 we quickly created a battlefield for our Gaming Saturdays to go with the new rules. The city table got a lot of use but damage due to limited storage space, overenthusiastic use of tape measures and stray dice meant it had to be retired in July of 2018. Since then all the gaming tables for the monthly Gaming Saturdays have used separate scenery pieces, perfectly fine but something was missing  . . .

It wasn’t until the release of a new range of building sets that I realised exactly what was missing.  Height!  There was plenty of scenery for infantry and vehicles to hide behind but there was hardly space for miniatures to be placed on higher vantage points and certainly no way for them to be moved across the board at heights other than ground level.

The new range of Citadel scenery is well suited to building large structures that can be stored in multiple pieces (a must if the board is to last and moved).  All I needed now was an excuse to start such a massive project.

You wait for an excuse and then two come along at once.
A new year is always the perfect time to start on a new project, this can be a new army or painting up the contents of a game like Blackstone Fortress. For me building a new multi-level gaming table could be a good start of 2019 project. To encourage me, Games Workshop released Urban Conquest at the end of the second week of January. This expansion for Warhammer 40,000 is all about city fights and contains so much cool background information, rules and game ideas that I really haven’t any other option than to start Building A City Worth Fighting Over.

40k-building-setsDecision made, there will be a new multi-level, multi-part gaming board that can be used during Gaming Saturdays. As with all our tables it will be a 4’x4′ board. There is no point in rushing this so I’m going to plan in monthly stages. My first goal will be to build the first 2’x2′ square by the middle of February, mostly with the scenery pieces and tools I already have. That reminds me, I will need to make sure I have plenty of glue.

I will then have a better idea of how many scenery sets I’ll need to create the entire table. I’m not going to worry about painting anything until the entire board is ready. That way I’ll have a more consistent paint scheme for everything when it is time to paint the board.

Over the next few months I will be recording my progress and posting regular updates. You never know it might offer some useful tips and if nothing else it could help others to avoid the many mistakes I will be making along the way (so even if I fail, it won’t all be for nothing).

Time to start sorting out what I already have and write down what I will need to purchase to make the first quarter of this table a reality (definitely glue). Join me next time once I have started building and find out how I’m getting on.