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Because of the snow it is impossible for Triple Helix staff to make it into the office and this means it will take a little longer to answer emails and reply to phone messages.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused.

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CHRISTMAS CLOSING - On Friday 18 December 2020 Triple Helix Wargames will close down for two weeks!

All orders that are placed from Monday 7th December that include a 'back-ordered' item will be treated as undeliverable for Christmas. We will contact any affected customers by telephone to offer a full cancellation and refund so that they may purchase the items from another company that has the 'back-ordered' items in stock.

We will offer to partially cancel and refund an order, so that items that are in stock can be shipped, if this is requested by the customer.

We will not suspend the ability to purchase from Triple Helix Wargames between Friday 18th December and Wednesday 6th January - but please be aware that we will not be processing those orders until our return on Wednesday 6th January 2020.

Triple Helix Wargames will re-open on Wednesday 6th January 2020.