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Games Workshops new releases this week are:

PLEASE NOTE: We are unable to order END TIMES: NAGASH and WBM: LORE OF UNDEATH items until the 1st of September, therefore any order which contains these items will be dispatched on or around Thursday 4th of September.
Please note that the Grey Knight Land Raider, Stormraven, Venerable Dread, Grey Knight Datacards and the Space Wolves Warriors of the Fang are limited run and that we are only able to order these item on the 25th of August due to GW restrictions, therefore any order which contains these items will be dispatched on or around Thursday 28th of August.

In the interest in being open and honest we have updated our FAQ page with some extra information that people have been asking conserning delivery times and package weights.

If you would like something we don’t have listed on our website please email us with your order details, full shipping address and chosen payment method and we will process your order by mail order.

When you register as a member with us you will be able to collect loyalty points.  These are accrued at 1 point for every £1 spent and you can redeem them any time against a new order at 2 points per penny.  You can track the progress of your orders as well as managing your account and loyalty points.

If you have any questions about Triple Helix Wargames or our policies, dispatching and shipping methods, or general queries please go to our FAQs page or our policies pages at the bottom of the Home page.

Triple Helix Wargames endeavours to observe and abide by all the requirements of our suppliers. As a consequence Triple Helix Wargames cannot deliver Games Workshop products outside of the European Economic Area. Any purchases made through the Triple Helix Wargames website for delivery to countries outside of the European Economic Area will be refunded at the earliest opportunity after they are made. We apologise for the inconvenience that this may cause.

Our shop is open 1pm to 5pm Monday to Friday and Saturday 10am to 4pm.  Tony manages our shop on Saturdays so if you call with a web query he will take a message and ask the office to reply, so he might not be able to help you straight away.  If however you want to visit our shop then he will of course be able to help you.